Farming and agricultural production are significant consumers of hydraulic hoses and fittings in general, however the particular agricultural disciplines of Fishing and Logging are among the highest users.

The technological footprint in agricultural equipment continues to expand with demands for machinery to perform harder, faster, and more economically, all with higher levels of safety.

 Not many years ago hydraulic hoses on farming equipment were largely screw together styles much like todays general garden hoses. 

Higher working pressures and the climatic and operating conditions influenced pressure hoses installed on machines and demanded replacement local hose assembly support in rural markets.

Specialist farming techniques also require bespoke equipment built to service a particular demand. This is relevant in such markets as medicinal Poppy growing, tobacco cropping or harvesting fruit and nuts as examples.

 Certain highly aggressive farming occurs in, say salt farming or sugar cane harvesting and demands for hydraulic hose servicing are high during particular seasons.

 Across the whole of agriculture from fishing vessels and processing plants, to logging and timber production, abattoirs and cropping, fertilising and land clearing, hydraulic hoses provide the lifeblood of the hydraulic system.

Failure to properly care for and regularly replace hoses, often leads to failure in the most remote of locations.

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