Earthmoving & Construction

The hydraulic hose demand within the Earthmoving and construction sector forms the main day-to-day demand for Hydraulink products and services.

Earthmoving projects can range in size from small drain exaction to an underground tunnel-boring project.

 Within virtually every construction project, excavation of the base and bedrock materials and the spoil removal requires heavy equipment and a varying number of pieces of plant often interdependent to achieve the outcome.

When a single hydraulic hose fails it can lead to the stoppage of many pieces of plant operating in the line and result in costly production losses and downtime costs.

 In the construction sector a major infrastructure project might involve specialist drilling and excavation equipment, hydraulic hammers, rollers and conveyors, concrete pumping equipment and massive overhead cranes. All are powered by hydraulic systems and rely on the high-pressure hydraulic hose to convey the hydraulic oil under pressure to the pumps and rams and valves.

 Wherever a hydraulic system is installed on a piece of machinery that is designed to lift or flex or change direction, the hydraulic hose forms the flexible joint

 Hydraulink on board hose assembly equipment and range of bulk hoses and end fittings are designed to service the operating equipment whenever a hose failure occurs. The mobile service units operate from base Hose Centres and are available to service the industry 24/7.

Replacing the failed products in the quickest time is of vital support to the

construction project timelines.

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