Materials Handling

This industry segment is involved in the movement of cargo and pallets of goods primarily.
It occupies much of the industrial manufacturing, food production, shipping of goods and the loading of transport vehicles and the like.

Forklifts vary in size from the small units in everyday warehouse operations moving pallets of goods to the massive forklifts and overhead cranes that service the shipping ports and move containers from ships to trucks.

Small truck mounted cranes and larger mobile cranes also fall in this industry category.

In the airports, specialised handling equipment loads cargo planes or simply transfers passenger luggage from flights to conveyors.

 In the farming application, forklifts move bales and feedstock.

 Each of the applications has a demand for a particular hydraulic hose product and often the specialist equipment is built to suit a particular climatic or location demand.

Kits of hoses are sold to the bespoke manufacturers and assemblers who provide these bolt-on units to the base machinery.

 The very nature of the work of materials handling equipment often sees it in the most critical of situations. Much of the Hydraulink service offering provides, not only for, the reactive maintenance of the failed hose, but also the pro-active maintenance regimes. Pro-active regimes ensure hoses are constantly operating within the life cycle expectation and are replaced at maintenance periods and well before they fail.

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