Quality Standards

The hydraulic systems that power Australia’s industries demand the highest performance standards.

Over the years, we have built our reputation by providing hydraulic hoses and fittings that meet, if not exceed, the requirements for demanding applications within many different industries.

By delivering on our quality commitment, we ensure enduring confidence and trust in our products and services thus strengthening relationships with our customers throughout Australia.


All our hose assemblies are rigorously tested to relevant SAE, EN, ISO or applicable international standard at our own quality assurance facilities.

Our BIMAL impulse hose testing machines perform impulse testing without flexing as per SAE J343/ISO6803 at test fluid temperatures up to 130°C. Total standard test cycles vary from 150,000 cycles to 500,000 cycles dependent upon the hose specification. We routinely exceed the minimum specified cycles for these tests.

Our hose assemblies are static tested to minimum hose burst pressures,
qualifying the holding power of the coupling and ensuring a minimum 4:1
safety factor.

Exhaustive testing in the field subjects couplings to stresses unmatched in
any laboratory.

Mining Design Guideline (MDG) 41 Compliance

Our products meet, if not exceed, the specifications defined in the MDG 41 guideline and the requirement for a “matched system”.

Assembly testing is carried out using a computerised data recorder that provides a tamper proof database for all tested assemblies. Hose labeling
is produced in accordance with MDG 41 requirements and can be tailored individually to suit customer requirements. All tested hose assemblies are uniquely numbered and recorded for the lifespan of the hose.

Through our online training and in the field instruction training, we meet the competency requirements defined by MDG 41, both as assemblers and
installers of hydraulic hose and fittings.

International Standards Compliance

Our hydraulic hoses meets various standards
depending upon the selected product being supplied including:

  • • DIN – Deutsch Industry Norm, German
  • • DOT/FMVSS – U.S. Department of Transportation/Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
  • • EN – European Norm/Standard
  • • FRAS Fire Resistant and Anti Static
  • • ISO – International Standards Organisation
  • • MSHA – U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration
  • • SAE Society of Automotive Engineers


At the centre of our quality focus is the commitment to provide our people with
the skills necessary to produce quality at the source.

Our staff are trained in company philosophy, application of procedures and equipment operation and maintenance with a strong emphasis on safety.

In addition to classroom and hands-on training we also have a web-based self-training system, which delivers our comprehensive training resources throughout the network.

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