Service-first Sullivans Mining & Industrial Parkes partnership brings top 24/7 Hydraulink expertise to NSW Central West

Service-first Sullivans Mining & Industrial Parkes partnership brings top 24/7 Hydraulink expertise to NSW Central West

A major supplier of industrial, mining, and construction-related products and services in NSW, Sullivans Mining & Industrial Parkes, is partnering with the national Hydraulink hydraulic hose and fittings group to extend its service-first capabilities in the State’s Central and Western industrial and infrastructure base.

The new Hydraulink franchise in an area rich in natural resources, mining and agriculture, with strong transport and construction sector – will operate 24/7, with mobile services complementing the established and experienced team of Sullivans Mining & Industrial HQ in Parkes, which is a service centre for multiple industries.

Hydraulink’s extensive national network includes 14 company-owned sites in Australia, 135 network partners, and 150 service vehicles offering 24/7 onsite and mobile services to the same high levels of outstanding service, safety, standards compliance, traceability, and diverse machinery and equipment knowledge as that contained within the Sullivans Mining & Industrial network.

“Sullivans Mining & Industrial's decision to partner with Hydraulink was motivated by their network's strength, product quality, and unwavering support to franchisees,” says Bianca Coster, Branch Manager, Sullivans Mining & Industrial Parkes.

“Hydraulink aligns with our commitment to quality products, consumables, and service-first focus. Hydraulink's dedication to continuous improvement through staff training and development resonates well with our values at Sullivans Mining & Industrial as it ensures that the team is always up-to-date with the latest industry advancements, guaranteeing that our customers receive the latest solutions and support service.

“Hydraulink's products adhere to global industry standards, ensuring that equipment is not only efficient but also compliant with regulations. This commitment to standards compliance minimises risks and enhances the overall reliability of the hydraulic systems we service and repair.

“Acknowledging the varied challenges presented by distinct site conditions, our collaboration with Hydraulink brings a wealth of expertise to the table. This enables us to offer customised solutions that meet the specific demands of different industries and locations, ensuring peak performance irrespective of environmental influences.

“In essence, the preference for Hydraulink is rooted in their comprehensive expertise, unwavering commitment to compliance, high standards of work, continuous staff development, and shared values that resonate with the core principles of Sullivans Mining & Industrial,” says Bianca.

Hydraulink Australia National Franchise Manager Wayne Abbott says the high standards set by Sullivans Mining & Industrial are instrumental to their success among the world-class businesses operating in the area, including mining and resources.

“Companies with global standards of compliance, quality, and safety need to be certain that the organisations they partner with can deliver uniformly excellent levels of compliance and traceability across multiple sites.

“With huge sums invested in maintaining production, quality and safety standards, they want to know that their suppliers adhere to the same standards of performance across multiple sites if required, and are able to do the job quickly, cost-efficiently and expertly.”

Bianca adds, “One particular feature of our relationship with Hydraulink that deserves emphasis is the collaborative approach we foster. Unlike a conventional supplier-franchisee dynamic, our interaction with Hydraulink is characterised by a true partnership. This collaborative spirit enables us to not only meet, but also to exceed the unique needs of our clients across diverse industries.

“Through open communication, joint problem-solving, and a shared commitment to innovation, our relationship exceeds transactional boundaries. This approach ensures that we collectively contribute to the success and efficiency of our clients' operations. It's this collaborative ethos that sets our partnership with Hydraulink apart, reinforcing our position as not just franchisee but strategic allies in our clients' journeys.”