Minerals extraction equipment features heavily in the hydraulic hose replacement and the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) markets. As the extraction equipment grows in size and payload, so does the hydraulic hose required to perform in the most extreme conditions.

Being prepared

Engines, hydraulics, fuel lines and electric installations have the potential to be a significant fire risk. Fire Suppression Systems are your best rapid response in case of an emergency. We recommend our Muster systems that are designed and installed to AS5062-2016. In a world competitive marketplace, machines are being pushed to their capabilities to achieve greater productivity and equipment failures due to inadequate lubrication of bearings and other moving parts can result in costly repairs and shut down production at a moment’s notice. 

Common applications of hydraulic equipment:

  • Oil and Gas exploration, offshore drill rigs and on-shore drilling.
  • Hydraulic fracking and deep well exploration

  • Drilling and blasting, quarries and open cut mining for coal and gold.

  • Mobile plant, haulage equipment, road trucks, huge excavators or mighty draglines and dredging.

  • Fixed plant coal loaders, and railway line maintenance.

  • Conveyors and Power Stations.

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