Why Choose Hydraulink’s On-Site Container Workshop Solutions?

Choosing Hydraulink’s on-site container workshop solutions means access to immediate support around the clock, directly where and when you need it. Instead of waiting for essential hose replacements during breakdowns, you have all the necessary tools and resources on-site to handle repairs swiftly—usually within minutes.

These mobile workshops are fully equipped with an assembly bench, tools for stock ordering and inventory management, and comprehensive service support. This setup not only enhances the efficiency of hydraulic hose repairs but also offers tailored, expert service right at your job site, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Can I Customise My On-Site Container To Suit My Needs?

You can customise your on-site Hydraulink container to suit your specific needs. We offer containers in 10, 20, and 40-foot configurations, which can be tailored with various customisable options. Enhancements such as air conditioning, as well as storage and racking systems, can be added to optimise the space according to your operational requirements. This flexibility allows you to create a workspace that is both functional and efficient, tailored precisely to your business needs.

What makes Hydraulink different from other hydraulic service providers?

Hydraulink sets itself apart as a leader in hydraulic services with over 75 years of expertise in the fluid connectors industry. Distinguished by over 400 service points across Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific region, Hydraulink excels in delivering a 24/7 mobile service that meets the critical demands of various industries, including mining, agriculture, transport, and beyond.


Our claim, "Best Under Pressure," reflects our commitment to providing fast, effective, and reliable hydraulic solutions, ensuring optimal performance under any conditions. Whether it's through manufacturing or distributing hydraulic components, Hydraulink supports your operations when it truly counts

What Does Hydraulink Manufacture?

Hydraulink have a manufacturing facility located in Penrose, Auckland that produce a range of hose tails, ferrules and adaptors. This facility is geared to provide customer specific solutions, particularly where the design requirements are outside the usual catalogued range.

Hydraulink branded hose is manufactured by a highly respected independent European manufacturer. Gates branded hose is manufactured by Gates Rubber in the USA. Many additional accessories are imported from world renown suppliers. Details are listed on our website under “Products”.

Who owns Hydraulink?

Hydraulink is privately owned by Lee Short and Noel Davies. They purchased the business in 1989.  For a more detailed history of Hydraulink please visit the About Us > Our History section of the website.

Where is Hydraulink located?

Hydraulink has over 400 outlets across New Zealand, Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Full location details for these can be found on the Locations section of this website. 

Hydraulink Head Office in NZ is in Penrose, Auckland and Hydraulink Head Office in Australia is in Smithfield, Sydney NSW

When did Hydraulink start?

Hydraulink traces its beginnings back to 1945. A more detailed history can be found in the About Us > Our History section of this website.

Why Hydraulink?

Hydraulink are a leading manufacturer and supplier of hose and fittings, with over 400 service points throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific Region.

We operate a 24/7 mobile service, allowing you to rely on us whenever you need assistance - anytime, day or night. We are committed to getting your business back on track with minimal downtime.

In addition to our supply, manufacture and 24/7 service, we also supply custom containerised hose workshops and manufacture and install purpose-built OEM kits.

From our rapid repair service to workshop expertise and on-site support at remote large-scale projects, Hydraulink are there to give you the right products and services at the right time. Our goal is to deliver maximum value alongside unparalleled service, creating long-term business relationships.

What can Hydraulink do for you?

Service & Distribution Network
If your business depends on high quality, fully functional hoses, hydraulics and fluid connectors, you need Hydraulink.

Contact any of our comprehensive network of over 400 outlets for everything you need throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Mobile Service Vans  
Our network of Mobile Service Vans offer on the spot repair and replacement of worn or damaged hose assemblies.
We reduce downtime and get your vital machinery up and running by being there when you need us with 24/7 Mobile Service.

Wherever you are, whenever a problem hits, we'll fix it so you can get your job done on time.

Hose Assemblies  
You can always obtain the hose assembly or fitting you need to get the job done without having to compromise and settle for second best, and we guarantee our products and workmanship.

Assurance of Quality  
Hydraulink hose assemblies are tested to both DIN & SAE standards using the latest European test equipment. Testing of hose assemblies can be done specifically to meet customer requirements.   OEM Hose Kit  Hose Kits are manufactured to customer requirements. Customised hose kits for OEM is our speciality. Hydraulink's unique OEM bagging system ensure ready identification of the product and our customers know that the Hose Assemblies in the bag are not only correct and labelled but they have also been cleaned and sealed to prevent contamination.

Hydraulic and Industrial Hose Management Program  
Hydraulink's ultimate solution to the ongoing problems of downtime, excessive maintenance and replacement costs.
We customise a hydraulic and industrial hose management program tailored to your operation, to increase productivity and reduce costs, while increasing site safety and reducing inventory.

Custom Solutions  
Hydraulink can develop a range of custom solutions for your operation, whatever your requirements. An example are the on-site container workshops we have set up for a number of contractors and mining operations. This system provides stock of hose and fittings complete with the necessary assembly equipment, tailored to your needs.

We manufacture standard and specialised hydraulic fittings to international quality.

Who do I contact to become a Hydraulink Franchise?

To find out more about becoming a Hydraulink Franchise please contact the Head Office in New Zealand or Australia. Please call your relevant contact below for a confidential discussion;


Craig Sumpton, NZ Development Manager - 027 255 9328


Wayne Abbott, National Franchise Manager - 0455 478 699   

How do I apply to be a Hydraulink Sales and Service Technician?

To find out more about becoming a Hydraulink Sales and Service Technician on the Join Us page of this website.

If you're looking for an employed role, you can search for the keyword Hydraulink on SEEK.

If you'd like more information about owning a Hydraulink Franchise, please have a look at the Franchising section of this website.

What qualifications do I need to be a Hydraulink Sales and Service Technician?

A mechanical trade’s background is preferable but applicants with mechanical aptitude are also very successful.

To view our current opportunities, please search for Hydraulink on SEEK.

What type of fittings are stocked?

For our comprehensive range of Hydraulink hose, fittings and adaptors, please click here to browse our online product catalogue.

What brand of hose does Hydraulink stock?

Hydraulink stocks their own branded hose which is manufactured in Europe, and Gates hose which is manufactured in the USA. More information is available on our website under “Products”.

Our hose meets or exceeds the following standards depending on the hose type.


What quality standards does Hydraulink comply with?

Hydraulink meets most international recognised quality assurance standards. Please visit the Our Quality section of the website to view details on the quality and testing of fittings and hose.

What testing is carried out?

Hydraulink has latest BIMAL hose assembly testing facility which proof tests to international specifications J 343 and meets SAE 517 and EN 856. This testing is carried out in specially built facility operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  For more information click Our Quality.

If I am not satisfied with my dealings with any Hydraulink outlet, who do I contact?

Hydraulink take pride in our customer service and take any complaints seriously. We would like the opportunity to look into any experiences that don't meet your expectations and resolve any issues.


In the first instance, please phone our Customer Care Team on 02 8785 4600 or email customercare@hydraulink.com.au

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