GV Hydraulink husband-and-wife’s top team shows country Victoria service standards are up there with global champions of excellence

GV Hydraulink husband-and-wife’s top team shows country Victoria service standards are up there with global champions of excellence

A company that reinvests the fruits of its success in expanded facilities and skills for local business and self-improvement for its staff, GV Hydraulink in Shepparton, has been recognised as a leading light of the international Hydraulink hydraulic hose and service network.

The joint Owner-Directors of the 400-strong network of the international group Hydraulink Group, Lee Short and Noel Davies, congratulated GV Hydraulink husband-and-wife team Managing Director Angelo Poppa and Company Manager Lynda Poppa on 20 years of outstanding success in the Goulburn Valley region of country Northern Victoria.

The award they presented for Best Network Partner for Victoria recognised the dedication to service, safety, compliance, initiative, and ongoing education that are the hallmarks of the Hydraulink family of companies, which trades under the market signature “Best Under Pressure”.

Angelo Poppa says he attributes a substantial part of his company’s success to the backing of the Hydraulink network, which he says is always there to actively support staff learning, business expansion, personal development, and achievement of top standards of service, safety, and compliance in GV Hydraulink’s major business areas, including agriculture, transport, forestry, marine and users of mobile and static machinery.

Local Community Strength

“We are very much self-starters out here in country Victoria, but there are many times on new endeavours when it is great security and a benefit to customers to have the backing of a network that is collectively experienced in all aspects of hydraulic hose technology – and happy to share that experience for mutual benefit. That makes a big difference to us.”

Angelo Poppa says a key to success in Shepparton and the Goulburn Valley is teamwork, with a well-trained, properly equipped group of self-starters who respond to local values of trust, integrity, and world-class standards of work.

“We aim high, so we employ and train people who want to be high achievers. There is no reason why country Victoria should not be up there with the best – the people in this town are just as focussed on quality, safety, and value as industry leaders anywhere.

“So, in keeping with the spirit of the Hydraulink family of businesses, our team is rewarded for ongoing training, skills development, and commitment to doing a good job right the first time, to world standards of performance, compliance, and safety.

“We want our team members to be successful and we want to help them make the best of themselves, because that adds not only to the strength of our local business, but also to the strength of the local community,” said Angelo.

Hydraulink National Franchise Manager Wayne Abbott said the Poppas have built up a truly world-class company in their regional setting, attracting international customers as its reputation spread through its thriving core of local and national businesses.

“Angelo, Lynda, and their highly valued team have built up a huge knowledge of needs in industries vital to the diverse industries of the Goulburn Valley, which is known as a food bowl of Australia. They have reinvested their success in engineering facilities that are among the best, not only on a regional scale, but also on a national scale. On top of that, their 24/7 mobile service helps far-flung businesses maintain their uptime and safety right through seasonal peaks and continuous production.

“Angelo and Lynda Poppa have created something permanent and valuable for their community by reinvesting the fruits of their labour in their showpiece facilities and their team skills base, which is so valuable to so many industries on which this community is established.”