Giorgio’s passion for life on the road with Dad leads him to his own WA service-first career with Hydraulink

Giorgio’s passion for life on the road with Dad leads him to his own WA service-first career with Hydraulink

Giorgio’s passion for life on the road with Dad leads him to his own WA service-first career with Hydraulink

A man whose boyhood passion for technical service work was fostered travelling with his father to jobs around Western Australian has now set out to build an exciting and varied life of his own with the Hydraulink hydraulic hose and fitting network.

Giorgio Katsambalos has become a dedicated mobile service provider in the Bibra Lakes area of Perth, specialising in the complex machinery and fleet needs of clients spanning market spectrums ranging from civil engineering, mining, manufacturing, metal fabrication, road and rail transport, agricultural tractors, heavy machinery, and hire equipment.

“What I love about the job is that no day is exactly the same. You are always meeting with interesting people and machinery with complex and demanding service needs – and that it is very satisfying to do well, while providing service to clients who trust you with the safety, service, and preventative maintenance of their valuable machines. Dad taught me that if you put good service and good work first, the rest will follow,” says Giorgio, who completed TAFE certification, diplomas, and university preparatory work before seeking an opportunity to develop his potential with Hydraulink.

“A great thing about being out on the road with your own mobile workshop is the challenge of doing a complex job one day, maybe on a rail tumbler rock splitter, then the next day working on a fleet of forklifts, or big Hitachi civil engineering and construction machinery. You can go on the road with great confidence you are going to do right by people, because you are trained to top standards and backed by a respected national organisation to do the very best for client needs while making the best of your potential,” says Giorgio.

His Dad was an electrical service specialist who owned several franchises. “I used to go with him everywhere, from a very young age, and loved the life. He was the one who suggested it might be a good idea for me to forge my own future by becoming a franchise owner myself. He thought hydraulic service and preventative maintenance was an interesting area – he believed such service had a great future in WA, where mobile machinery is so important to many industries – and machinery just doesn’t function without hydraulics.”

“So I compared the best way to get ahead with my own abilities and the best backing out there – and the name Hydraulink kept coming up. It was recommended to me by industry insiders as a company with a long, 75-year, reputation for quality and service as well as for backing self-starters with training and career progression.”

“And that is exactly how it has worked out – Hydraulink started me out at the ground level at the local office, getting me familiar with branch operations and systems in WA. Then they recognised my eagerness by putting me in the deep end to learn the work out on the road with some of the most experienced people in the business. Their backing and enthusiasm to see you progress motivates me now to always do the best for the customer and for the company that is backing me, because they looked after me. It’s been a very good experience,” said Giorgio.

Hydraulink National Franchise Manager Wayne Abbott said it was obvious from day one that Giorgio was born to the lifetime pathway he has chosen to take.

“Our job was to ground him thoroughly in the industry, to ensure he understood the importance to WA industry of uniformly high quality standards, compliance, traceability and knowledge of different site protocols, different machinery and working in true partnerships with clients. Not to waste their time learning on the job, but to be able to get out there quickly and get things done properly to avoid downtime – that’s what builds relationships.”

“Our philosophy reflected in Giorgio is to provide deep value for clients, protecting their investment in machinery and giving it the best reliability and uptime that the industry can deliver. Giorgio took to this philosophy like a duck to water – to him the best standard he can deliver is the only standard he knows.

“And this inspires clients’ trust, because the savvy people out there investing big bucks in big machinery have a keen eye for quality and value, and a keen appreciation of having someone like Giorgio doing their work on their valuable gear. His great attitude and his skills are repaying the trust, training, and ongoing belief we are investing in him as a member of a like-minded team.