Mechanically fascinated Queenslander brings wealth of skills to new Hydraulink franchise in booming Redlands

Mechanically fascinated Queenslander brings wealth of skills to new Hydraulink franchise in booming Redlands

Mechanically fascinated Queenslander brings wealth of skills to new Hydraulink franchise in booming Redlands

A Queenslander with a lifelong fascination for mechanical devices, Max Mann, is putting his passion to work for himself and his family as the owner of the new Hydraulink hose and fittings franchise in the booming Brisbane area of Redlands.

“I really like the idea of putting my skills to work in a local community with the backing of a service network that prioritises local service excellence backed by national network support and self-development opportunity,” says Max, who has two decades of industrial experience nationally and internationally since qualifying as a fitter and turner.


“My wife Lisa and I had got to the stage of life where I had accumulated a ton of experience here and overseas and we were actively looking for the next step to secure our own future in the State of Australia we love,” said Max, who was raised on a farm in Far North Queensland where he nurtured his self-reliance where he nurtured his self-reliance by learning and understanding how things worked and getting the best out of them. 

“You had to be able to do everything yourself there, and people relied on you to do a good job. Everyone knew everyone back there and – even though Redlands is a big place now – it is still small enough for people to know each other and where word of mouth goes a long way, which Lisa and I like in our community.”

After six years in the UK honing his metal engineering skills for a multinational, and years in industries (such as sugar) where hydraulics were crucial to production, he saw great scope for self-advancement in his booming district of Redlands where major expansion is occurring of housing, construction, civil and municipal engineering, and industrial and social infrastructure.


“When the Hydraulink opportunity came along, we jumped at it because their outstanding commitment to excellence, service and Standards compliance fitted very well with me. Plus, I found out by talking to others in the industry that they have a true business family ethos, giving training and support to ensure we can offer a complete service for all types of static and mobile machinery. It doesn’t matter if it is a bulldozer, forklift, rubbish truck or crane, all machinery depends on hydraulics to work.”

Hydraulink and sister company Hydraulink CCR’s extensive national network of which Max Mann is now part includes 14 company-owned sites in Australia, 135 network partners, and 150 service vehicles offering 24/7 onsite and mobile services to the same uniformly high levels of outstanding service, safety, standards compliance, traceability, and diverse machinery and equipment knowledge. 

Hydraulink National Franchise Manager Wayne Abbott said Queenslanders appreciate self-starters and practical people – versatile tradesmen such as Max who can be relied on to do a good job first time at a fair price.

“Max knows machinery inside out and can not only do the standard servicing to the highest standard, but he can also tell you about issues that might come up in the future and suggest ways to avoid downtime. What we like in the Hydraulink family is the deep practical knowledge that engenders confidence and trust – we believe in ongoing business relationships that benefit both parties. And that is often the way it works in Queensland – word gets around pretty quickly if someone is really good at their job.”

“Plus, where specialised jobs come up, we have someone in our team nationally who can bring their knowledge and training to bear. Hydraulink – which operates under the corporate signature ‘Best Under Pressure’ – places top value on outstanding continuing training, top quality products, and providing a complete service through a total network dedicated to the same goals.”