National Hydraulink network launches Mat on his own road to success  with new Hawkesbury franchise

National Hydraulink network launches Mat on his own road to success with new Hawkesbury franchise

National Hydraulink network launches Mat on his own road to success with new Hawkesbury franchise

A young man with a fascination for all things mechanical is putting his passion and professional experience into practice for himself with the opening of a new Hydraulink hose and fittings franchise to serve the Hawkesbury region of Sydney.

Mathew Xuereb – who was born and bred in the Lower Portland area of the Hawkesbury – has taken his future into his own hands by becoming a new franchise network partner after training with the national Hydraulink network at Head Office in Sydney.

“The great thing about Hydraulink is they give you a foundation of excellent training in all aspects of the job and encourage you to go out and run your own business if you want to. Their support and training are both wonderful,” said Mathew, who was a fully qualified mechanic with seven years trade experience  before joining Hydraulink two years ago to broaden his horizons.

“It has been amazing, the world of mechanical variety and excellence of experience they have opened up for me, working alongside some of the best in the business here at Hydraulink network HQ.

“And it is a family feeling too. My Dad and I used to restore cars before I completed my trade training and now I am getting the same guidance and concern for my future from my colleagues here at Hydraulink.  They really opened my eyes to the huge variety of machinery out there, and the opportunities to serve businesses such as civil engineering, construction, and agricultural industries, of which there are plenty around my hometown of Lower Portland.

The rapidly developing Hawkesbury region including Hawkesbury city – population 68,000 with 7,500 local businesses – is one of the regions of Sydney set to receive flow-on benefits from the new Western Sydney International Airport and Business Park opening in 2026.

“I am really looking forward to the opportunities that will open up as infrastructure develops further in my franchise region, which I will serve with a mobile service vehicle designed to save customers downtime while offering Hydraulink’s uniform standards of service excellence, safety, and compliance. As I have discovered during my time as a direct employee of the network, they know so much about the specialised needs of the type of machinery operating out here in the big civil engineering and construction industries.”

“I love the idea of putting my skills to work in my own home area – backed by the network quality and training standards. This is a dream come true for a guy with a passion for things mechanical – it couldn’t be better,” said Mat.

Hydraulink and sister company Hydraulink CCR’s extensive national network of which Mat Xuereb is now part includes 14 company-owned sites in Australia, 135 network partners, and 150 service vehicles offering 24/7 onsite and mobile services to the same uniformly high levels of outstanding service, safety, standards compliance, traceability, and diverse machinery and equipment knowledge.

Hydraulink National Franchise Manager, Wayne Abbott, said practical people in the type of industries Mat will serve appreciate enthusiastic and knowledgeable self-starters keen to do a good job first time at a fair price.

“Hydraulink – which operates under the corporate signature ‘Best Under Pressure’ – places top value on outstanding continuing training, top quality products, and providing a complete service through a total network dedicated to the same goals.”

“Mat is highly motivated with good local knowledge in the Hawkesbury area – and that keenness and knowledge makes a difference. Everybody in business – including ourselves, who have seen his progress at Hydraulink – wants to see people get ahead through their own efforts and knowledge. We take pride as a network family in seeing a young man like Mat to go out and advance himself. And it is a big boost for him that he knows there is always strong support of our network in the background, and that he is part of a national team that strives always to be the best in the business.”